Residential Services

The ORIGINAL “GREEN” Building Materials

Using Masonry (Brick) is the most environmentally friendly materials available as they are constructed of materials that come from the earth.

Compared to other construction materials, it is economically friendly as these building require less energy to heat/cool and will save thousands of dollar’s over the life of the building.

They can withstand the ravages of elements for generations.

Eye pleasing, Environmental and Economical.  What more can you ask for.

Home buyer’s today have many choices for building materials, from wood to synthetic materials to Brick. (the original”Green Building Materials”)

A brick home delivers benefits beyond curb appeal for residential, multi-family residential and commercial use.

These benefits include:

  • Eye pleasing
  • Natural Insulation – Temperature controlled-stays cool in the summer and retains heat in the winter.
  • Weather resistant(prevents potential problems such as mold and rot)
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Fire protection
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No painting required
  • Higher Resale Value
  • Lasts for generations

Benefits that a Brick multifamily exterior includes:

  • Eye pleasing
  • Natural Insulation-Temperature controlled-stays cool in the summer and retains heat in the winter.
  • Natural Noise barrier
  • Weather resistant (prevents potential problems such as mold and rot)
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Fire protection
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • No Painting required
  • Higher Resale Value
  • Lasts for generations


There is a large selection of real stone veneer products available to spruce up your home inside and out.  These real stone veneers are less bulky and provide an ease of installation in most places the full stone can’t.

Using thin cut stone veneers will create an entirely new look to the front or inside your home while at the same time adding value.

When it comes to Stone or Rock work, BrickSmiths stands alone.  We have experience to make any stone project look great.  We have designed projects ranging from feature walls, small patios, fire places, fire pits to grand entrances

Commercial Services

Concrete block foundation systems offer the greatest long-term savings, even where first-cost investment is considered. Block masonry is constructed straight, square, plumb and level, making above-grade framing and interior and exterior finishes easier to complete. In short, block is simple, convenient, and versatile to use. Together these factors help shorten building times and ultimately reduce construction costs.

Concrete block is inherently strong and resistant to structural loads, impacts, mechanical damages, abrasion, forced entry and abuse. Block masonry offers long-term performance and unparalleled durability without the need for maintenance. It provides superior resistance to nearly all types of deterioration caused by moisture, chemicals, corrosion, ultraviolet radiation, and mold and mildew growth.

Concrete Block is Energy Efficient and Quiet: Concrete block offers a high degree of thermal mass - up to twice that of poured concrete - helping to stabilize interior heating and cooling, in turn lowering energy costs and providing a more comfortable indoor living area. Block masonry walls can be easily insulated with a variety of products ranging from rigid board to loose fill insulation. Insulation can be placed on the interior or exterior surfaces of the block to provide a continuous plane of thermal resistance, without heat loss through thermal bridges. And block's sound-insulation qualities help keep your home quiet over a wide range of sound frequencies, minimizing intrusive outdoor noise pollution.

Concrete Block Resists Fire, Termites and Severe Weather: Concrete block is a non-combustible material that neither ignites nor supplies fuel to a fire. Fire studies and laboratory tests both show that no building material offers better protection against fire, smoke, and heat. Because of its proven fire performance, concrete block is used to build firewalls in large wood frame buildings. Block foundation walls offer these same attributes, protecting against the spread of fire, yielding no smoke or toxic gases under heat and ensuring structural integrity both during and after a fire.

Overall, block masonry provides superior property and personal protection. In addition to withstanding fire and insects, block is highly resistant to strong winds and impact from wind-borne debris and its use in basements provides refuge from severe weather such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

Concrete Block Provides Better Air Quality: Concrete block foundations help maintain healthy, comfortable indoor environments. Block is pre-cured and pre-dried meaning faster dry-out to facilitate interior and exterior finishing, less risk of mold growth, less drying shrinkage and less cracking.

As well, block and mortar do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), block can be used as a wall finish, eliminating the need for paints and other finishes that release VOCs or promote mold growth.

Concrete Block is Convenient and Versatile: Block can be installed as is, with no need to wait for custom form-work and framing or pre-fabricated panels that later can't readily be modified on-site. And with concrete block, doors, windows and other openings and penetrations can be easily added, moved or eliminated during construction. Similarly, when renovating or expanding, a window or door can be cut out of a block basement wall much more easily and cost-effectively than other wall systems.

Unlike other foundation systems, concrete block masonry can be constructed in any shape to easily accommodate non-standard floor plans, lot specifications and foundation wall heights, as well as stepped footings and foundations, and last-minute changes during construction. Even complex foundations that use arcs, tees, and angled corners to construct intersecting walls, bays, bows and fireplaces can be built with ease and efficiency.

Spruce up your Commercial building with original brick work on the exterior and/or interior of your business. BrickSmiths specializes in making your business stand out by creating unique patterns using colors, sizes and positioning of the bricks. Have an ideas, let’s work together to make it come to life.

Available in a variety of different styles, textures, and colors, are manufactured to meet the specifications of most projects. From the standard smooth Concrete Block, to special textured concrete block such as a Split-face Concrete Block, Scored Block, Ground faced Block, all of which are available in custom sizes and colors; there is a block style to meet any concrete masonry project.
• Smooth blocks: Smooth concrete blocks are the staple block for load bearing masonry. Smooth blocks are an excellent low cost alternative to other building materials and have a superior fire rating and thermal properties.
• Scored blocks: Scored concrete blocks gives a higher detail look with no additional labor. The score is designed to resemble a raked mortar joint and gives the feel of quality craftsmanship.
• Split-face blocks: Split face blocks have a rough face finish that give a stone-like texture to any exposed wall. The split face block is a great choice for builders due to the blocks natural properties. Superior compressive strength and decorative aggregates make this product a safe, low maintenance and attractive wall option. Once installed the block wall will only need to be pressure washed and sealed for an architecturally pleasing finish ready to outlast any alternative finish.
• Ground – faced blocks: Ground-faced blocks reveals the true beauty of concrete masonry by grinding and polishing the face of the block to expose the aggregate beneath. After installation, the blocks should be washed with a cleaner and sealed with a ground face sealer to bring out the true color and aggregate. Choose the ground face finish on your next project where concrete masonry is exposed. The ground face finish dresses up an otherwise ordinary looking space into something unique.